Shields [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shields:

From the shields, there is not one of these vessels which hath not knight or baron aboard.

She saw the war-caps, shields, and war-coats, and her heart sank.

You will now, on opening them, have two shields, as in Fig. 2.

Now paste one of these shields in the centre of your yellow window-pane.

The Iroquois had shields of hide stretched on hoop for defensive armor.

They captured about two hundred shields, and set up a trophy.

Then, too, so runs the order, let the shields be brightly polished.

And they all had brass helmets and purple tunics, and greaves, and their shields uncovered .

Big guns were made of drain-pipes and shields of the wood from packing-cases.

When this was ended, again the heralds struck their shields, and the contests began.