Shifted [verb]

Definition of Shifted:

switch, fluctuate

Opposite/Antonyms of Shifted:

Sentence/Example of Shifted:

Shifted three and a half miles north, where there was better feed and water.

First he shifted to one foot, and then he shifted his weight to the other.

The schooner ahead of us had to cut, and she shifted her berth outside of us.

It knocked off raining, but we shifted ourselves at the galley fire below.

Instinctively the girl looked to Kirkwood; then shifted her glance to their host.

Hagar shifted her blanket and thrust out a stubborn under lip.

The point of view has shifted—and so suddenly, so completely.

Caradoc assented wearily and shifted his shoulder for the band of linen.

As if she heard me, she looked up, shifted slightly in her seat and sighed.

Granger shifted his feet uneasily as he listened, and half-turned to go.