Shiftiness [noun]

Definition of Shiftiness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Shiftiness:

Sentence/Example of Shiftiness:

His glance was roving, flashing here and there with a shiftiness and speed that bewildered.

With all his shiftiness Erasmus would hardly have gone as far as that.

This did not serve to remove the impression of shiftiness, for her answers were seldom to the point.

Francis, as a boxer, excelled in what is known in pugilistic circles as shiftiness.

Everyone would make a "bull" but for the haze and the shiftiness of the wind.

But the most prominent characteristic of the young man was his shiftiness, in both the good and bad senses of the word.

The Ithaca Captain was one of those powerful runners whose remarkable physique did not interfere with his shiftiness.

It is an admirable place to cure you of the great malady of the day—its shiftiness, its empty agitation.

There was no shiftiness in him, nor slyness: that would have been horrible, the sure indication of a beastly intrigue.

His eyes lost their shiftiness—he seemed to forget the presence of the great man standing at the other side of the table.