Shifts [noun]

Definition of Shifts:

switch, fluctuation

Synonyms of Shifts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shifts:

Sentence/Example of Shifts:

The ships did not get clear without some trouble, and we thought it wisest to shift our berth.

These were denied us, and we were told to shift for ourselves.

On my return to Philadelphia, I resolved to shift my ground, and try a new tack.

I sung out, "there's breakers, and everybody must shift for himself."

Next door to where I board there's a dog that goes on shift as regular as a policeman.

He moved his arm, trying to shift it from his Padrona's hand.

But the man did not move more than to shift a club to his right hand.

But maybe they'd be mighty glad to shift if there was a chance right at hand.

And, if you want to shift responsibility, shift it on to me.

Their intimacy had been very rapid, but he too hoped that it would not shift.