Shillelagh [noun]

Definition of Shillelagh:

police baton

Synonyms of Shillelagh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shillelagh:


Sentence/Example of Shillelagh:

His bludgeon, or—considering his present connection—may we say his shillelagh?

At last a ruffian with his shillelagh struck Barney over the thigh.

When the shillelagh was ready, other preparations were quickly completed.

The best material in Ireland was found in the woods that surround the ancient little village of Shillelagh—hence the name.

Yet how mountaineer without ballads any more than without a shillelagh?

In Sartene the fashionable weapon, however, is no firearm, but a heavy knobbed stick akin to an Irishman's shillelagh.

More Irish than the Irish though he is known to be, he has for the moment sheathed his shillelagh.

Saying which, he flourished his shillelagh before the slipper merchant's face, and then gave him a smart tap on his head.

One of the Finest Pisantry (in custody, having had a shillelagh difference with a fellow-countryman).

The Celtic element in literature is extremely valuable, but there is absolutely no excuse for shrieking ‘Shillelagh!’