Shills [noun]

Definition of Shills:

something for luring

Synonyms of Shills:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shills:

Sentence/Example of Shills:

The shill led the way to an eight-foot tower mounted on gimbals.

I got mixed up with the Philip on the shilling, and I kept yelling, Shill!

I shill have the whole town on my side, you may be certain of that!

That is, he needed no more assistance that most magicians do—a shill in the audience.

In this particular case, the shill was his brother, Leonard Poe.

At this the hermit in front of the preacher, uttering a shill cry, spread his arms abroad, and quivered from head to foot.

I don't keer ter handle you, but I shill ef you don't leab widin five minutes.'

As Tom Scales led the horse away to the stables it turned its head towards its master with a short, shill neigh.

He's a cowardly scoundrel, but he shill hev far play, or my name ain't Jake Larkin!'

He's a-driftin' out'n de riber, ole Mist; shill I run and tell his folks when I puts der biscuits in de oben?