Shindig [noun]

Definition of Shindig:


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Sentence/Example of Shindig:

"It's no Pike County shindig," had responded the floor-manager, cheerfully.

Why, we got this shindig up, he noted irreverently, just so Miss Lane could sing at it.

Besides, a bit of argument is entertaining, and brings life into the shindig.

All right,” I says to myself; “but just wait till this shindig is over.

They told me that they was some sort of shindig at Mr. Hardwick's to-night.

Johnnie wrote me to come over for this shindig, so I thought I might as well come.

He says tell you that as this is your shindig you ought at least to pay the piper.

In my day and time about the last thing I'd want to do would be to take a sister of mine to a shindig.

That sausage over there must have seen this shindig and they'll blow this whole damn area off the map.