Shingling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shingling:

And Martin would know what to do about shingling the barn and cementing the cellar.

The shingling and plate-rolling mill is represented in fig. 597.

How is Tom getting on with his shingling or painting or whatever it is hes doing?

Shingling, painting, glass-setting, and the like were all going forward at once.

He began his attack adroitly by complimenting my new house and by regretting that I was shingling the roof.

Another thing Mr. Gregg explained—the term, "a square of shingling."

The ladder they had gone for was missing from its case,—a neighbor had carried it off for the workmen who were shingling his roof.

I hear him pounding nails all day long in the back yard, and he made a good job of shingling the woodshed the other day.

Commence to lay them from the ground, and work up to the cross-pole, shingling them carefully as you go.

At one place several men were at work on a new81 house, some of them shingling, others clinking cracks.