Shininess [noun]

Definition of Shininess:

brightness, shine

Synonyms of Shininess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shininess:

Sentence/Example of Shininess:

Out of all nature they felt their function was to extract the grayness and shininess.

His friends had long remarked the disappearance of his shininess.

For example, hardness and shininess are qualities of the substance iron.

Kriijorl was smiling, and there was a shininess in Judith's eyes.

The furniture sold by the payment houses always shows its source in its heaviness and shininess.

We'd gotten them in my junior year, and it only took a couple months for the shininess to wear off.

His eye caught an old tub, its shininess dulled, its hull faintly scarred.

Mr. Jabez gave premonitory symptoms of a small joke by increasing in shininess.

So when you throw slurs on our plumb newness and shininess, I've got the cards to call yuh.