Shins [noun]

Definition of Shins:

leg part

Synonyms of Shins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shins:


Sentence/Example of Shins:

Then, in sudden viciousness, Link kicked out, taking Dave in the shin.

"We'll make 'em pay for that shin," says he, with a kind of it's-coming-to-us grin.

His heel lashed back and caught the shin of the man behind him.

John's shin was badly bruised, and Perry Alford had wrenched his ankle.

Why, how you tore your pants; and your shin 's a bleeding, too.

"There," he said at last, getting up and barking his shin against the pedal.

His cheeks verified his shin's story of a rough, jagged caress.

“Shin oak,” cried the trappers, as we entered the verge of this miniature forest.

It fell, cut sharply on his shin, and on the reflex he flung it at her.

But he climbed out all the same, and stood rubbing his shin.