Shiny [adjective]

Definition of Shiny:

bright, glistening

Synonyms of Shiny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shiny:

Sentence/Example of Shiny:

The sweat oozed from his shiny forehead as he backed cautiously away.

Worn smooth and shiny now, it is still my most precious possession.

Later there was rock, sometimes granite-like, sometimes black and shiny.

Those eyes were the shiny, vacuous, soulless eyes of a madman!

The shiny floors had scarcely been walked upon, since they had been refinished.

He was all soft and shiny, and had wee green eyes like emeralds.

It becomes hard and shiny, and has cracks running through it.

He thrust the pipe bowl into the pocket of his shiny black jacket.

"I'll just make her," she vowed, gathering up her shiny new school-books.

When a surface is very smooth, we say it is shiny or glossy.