Shipped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Shipped:

The two saddle-horses and a team for carriage use had been shipped ahead.

But when I shipped along o' you,' says he, 'I 'lowed I could cook.

The schooner was wet, and the seas she shipped would put out my fire.

We now shipped together in a vessel called the Jane, bound to Limerick.

The keeper of the rendezvous received us gladly, and we shipped immediately.

On board this vessel I shipped as mate, bound to Philadelphia.

We shipped a heavy sea, that stove our boat, and almost swept the decks.

To own the truth, I was sorry I had shipped in such a craft.

I shipped, accordingly, in the vessel mentioned, as a foremast hand.

This person agreed to take me as chief mate, and I shipped accordingly.