Shippers [noun]

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The Memphis shipper gets his check for $4,840, and is out of the transaction.

From a successful trawler he had become a successful fish-packer and shipper.

Very likely the shipper would say to the agent: "This is expensive; I wish you to take it as it is."

The shipper must be the loser unless he can show that it was caused by the negligence of the carrier.

You would have to rely wholly on the honesty of the shipper.

It is first as an exporter of frozen meat, and second as a shipper of wool.

This shipper is the sort who gives the railroad tonnage in trainload lots.

You will note by Mr. Osborn's letter that he has been a shipper of mine for a long time.

The shipper might also demand a bill of lading conformable to his instructions.

By no means are all these decisions in favor of the shipper.