Shipwreck [noun]

Definition of Shipwreck:

severe damage or severely damaged goods

Synonyms of Shipwreck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shipwreck:

Sentence/Example of Shipwreck:

Doctor Chassaigne's story was one of disaster, the shipwreck of a life.

Some of them resulted in terrible disasters of shipwreck and death.

Mishap, desertion, and shipwreck pursued the luckless commander.

Shipwreck or burial at sea she deduced from the fact of there being no grave in the cemetery.

About a shipwreck—something about a shipwreck in it, wasn't there?

That would indeed be the end of all—a shipwreck within sight of harbour.

What good fortune it was to have saved your guitar from shipwreck!

It is as in a shipwreck, where the plank that will save two will sink with three.

It was when the tidings of your shipwreck came that he asked me to come here.

This could not have been handier for Mr. Massy if he had arranged that shipwreck himself.