Shipwrecked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Shipwrecked:

But the fate of shipwrecked mariners all over the world is notorious.

It was as if we were abandoned, shipwrecked, a thousand miles from land.

I was shipwrecked once and spent two days in a boat looking for a sail.

They are shipwrecked and a strange mix-up occurs on account of it.

Dan scanned the sea like a shipwrecked mariner watching for a sail.

All our clothes, &c, coming from Florence have been shipwrecked in the Adriatic.

"The shipwrecked sailor will cling to a hen-coop," said Heffernan.

To think that all my hopes were shipwrecked with the very land in sight.

I left them years ago, and was shipwrecked upon these islands.

Mebbe we'll have to do what shipwrecked sailors do, draw lots for a sacrifice.