Shipyards [noun]

Definition of Shipyards:

waterless area for ship repairs

Synonyms of Shipyards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shipyards:


Sentence/Example of Shipyards:

The acquisition of every shipyard in the country was also contemplated as a contingency.

I happened to be near the shipyard at the time, and assisted in carrying him home.

He worked in a shipyard for a bit, then I took him as a sort of errand boy and porter.

In the meantime, the shipyard had been laid out and was taking shape.

And we'd need a shipyard, capable of any kind of heavy repair work.

You probably know more of the shipyard crowd in Limeport than I do.

That, I remembered, was to have been some sort of a shipyard.

The next day was spent by all hands, Dale included, at the shipyard.

A hearty cheer was raised by the party in possession of the shipyard.

You can go down to the coast and get more than five dollars a day at a shipyard.