Shirkers [noun]

Definition of Shirkers:


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Sentence/Example of Shirkers:

Will it satisfy you if I own that I am a shirker, a skrim-shanker, and a coward?

Nor was there a shirker among the men—and all because the leader was Forrest.

Insist that you are no shirker, no coward, that you are brave even to daring.

She was about to set Portia hastily down in her mind as on the order of a shirker.

Grey Bird was not a 'shirker' at any time, but he was surpassing himself on this occasion.

There is no place for a shirker or a quitter in a real Unitarian church.

Just as 'patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,' so fatalism is the last refuge of a shirker.

It would have been a condemnation of you if any one of us had been a shirker.

I am a shirker, a man who would be drummed out of any regiment.

The more he explained the more he would seem to them to be a shirker.