Shiver [verb]

Definition of Shiver:

shake, tremble

Synonyms of Shiver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shiver:




Sentence/Example of Shiver:

He did not see Dick, but his very presence gave the lad a shiver.

You shiver because your grandfathers and fathers and uncles have shivered there before you.

I'm in a shiver about you, but—It's all true, Roger, what your mother said about 2nd Lieutenants.

Her gaze was fixed upon him; he saw her shiver, and knew that she saw and recognized him.

It snowed and stormed, and she was allowed to shiver on the platform.

The sun was hot even where they sat, but he fancied that he saw her shiver.

I received this stroke without groan or cry, tear or shiver.

Hey, Merritt, you give me a shiver when you say that, don't you know?

A shiver passed through her frame, her voice was scarcely audible.

She was ascending a staircase, when she heard howlings which made her shiver to her very bones.