Shoals [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shoals:

He shook his head, grunting, "Na—I don't know naught about t' shoals."

For my own part, I should never know how near I was to the shoals.

Mary helped him off the shoals by taking the remainder of his apologies for granted.

You see them in numbers exceeding imagination, shoals on shoals.

The shoals hereabouts are numerous and the water generally is shallow.

Who could counsel her so well, or tell her the shoals and quicksands before her?

"Then I'll not take the helm when I can't pilot you through the shoals," said Billy.

The story of Carter's exploit amongst the Shoals had not reached Belarab's camp.

They be the easiest biters, 'cordin' t' what I hear, that has ever run in t' these shoals.

I allus have thought that most of us would keep off rocks an' shoals if we knowed they was there.