Shocked [adjective]

Definition of Shocked:


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Sentence/Example of Shocked:

But while she spoke as if she were shocked and appalled, her eyes belied her words.

A professional would have been shocked by some of its appointments.

This very hour our eyes have been shocked with that which would have left you unmoved.

He was afraid that he had shocked me, when he said you were to win races for your father's good.

She became all at once horribly ashamed and shocked at what she was doing.

Shocked by the sound of my own name, I was ready to recoil abashed.

Do not look so shocked, my dear—I really cannot help laughing.

One is shocked in reading some of the "hymns" of these believers.

Shocked into spasmodic action, the American jumped from barrel to ratlines.

I was shocked by his face, it was terribly worn, quite plainly he had been up all night.