Shocker [noun]

Definition of Shocker:

closely kept secret

Synonyms of Shocker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shocker:


Sentence/Example of Shocker:

Now I realized that my life also was nothing but "a Shocker."

If Nat's story is true, this Shocker went back and robbed Dave.

Bank Restriction Note (Hone is said to have realised over 700 by the sale of this shocker), 28.

It is quite a neat example of the shocker—an agreeable form of entertainment for the simple and the jaded.

I ran toward Rafe, struggling with him for the shocker he had drawn from its hiding-place inside his shirt.

Tables 12-16 list all fish obtained at the upper Neosho station by means of the shocker, seines, and rotenone.

Gar commonly lie quietly near the surface, both by day and by night, and are therefore readily collected by means of the shocker.

The shocker was used in daylight at all six stations in the three years, 1957-'59.

Both species were collected most efficiently by means of gill nets and shocker.

In my collections made by use of the shocker, buffalo were taken more frequently at night (Table 9, p. 402).