Shockingly [adverb]

Definition of Shockingly:


Synonyms of Shockingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shockingly:


Sentence/Example of Shockingly:

Bressant, who took the part of Charles Quint, was shockingly bad.

I want to speak to Louise, although I am afraid I am shockingly de trop.

The rooms they occupied were left in a shockingly filthy condition.

So shockingly sudden, there was not even time for remonstrance at himself.

But when he spoke again, his voice was shockingly bright and kind.

The fight was a desperate one, and I came out of it most shockingly mangled.

For the first time I could mark how shockingly it had changed.

It must have paralyzed that flying personage, for I gained upon him shockingly.

It was shockingly late, but they wanted all the old favorites.

"The army is numerous, but shockingly disorganized," he declared.