Shoehorn [verb]

Definition of Shoehorn:

put, tuck in

Synonyms of Shoehorn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shoehorn:

Sentence/Example of Shoehorn:

Do you know that some mornings he has to get his hat on with a shoehorn.

He cant find a shoehorn with which to get into his breeches.

Even if he had any flavor and wasn't tougher'n a shoehorn, he's too much for us to eat.

To dig up de profundis a shoehorn that you need is a more remarkable achievement than to unearth a new Pompeii.

He certainly has arrived at what a witty American friend of mine would call the "Shoehorn stage."

He had a shaven cranium, and his tight scalp might have been slipped over the bony bosses of his head with a shoehorn.