Shone [verb]

Definition of Shone:

give off or reflect light

Synonyms of Shone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shone:



Sentence/Example of Shone:

For that one moment the despair that was in him shone in his eyes.

In the latter's eyes, for the first time, shone a real and ungrudging admiration.

The roads were frozen hard, and shone like silver in the ruts.

It was the same—the same face that shone across me in that hour of pain!

Last of all, Venus shone upon him, beautiful as none can ever hope to be.

In all other respects, save one, he shone with no light but such as was reflected from his brother.

Was there no party of her own, in other times, on which the stars had shone?

The star had shone on her face until now, when her face sank upon his hand and her own.

I am in love with one of the most beautiful girls the sun ever shone upon.

The light flashed and was gone, flashed again and shone no more.