Shoo [interjection]

Definition of Shoo:

go away

Synonyms of Shoo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shoo:


Sentence/Example of Shoo:

It was a little mean of her, but he looked the other way and said, "Shoo, Teddy."

All Sim had to do was to make a pass at the Jerries, loop over and shoo them away.

I tried to give him the wink and shoo him off, but it was no go.

Acknowledging the presence of the cows only by a friendly "Shoo, there!"

And you just shoo me off wherever you please and go on with the good work.

She turned around and shouted, "Shoo, shoo—why don't you go home?"

As he came upon Dorothy, he started violently, and said "Shoo!"

The guard, with leveled bayonet, began to shoo the “Gugus” off the landing.

Ben Gile tossed the locust into the air and called out, "Shoo!"

Then I tries to shoo the bunch into the street; but they don't shoo for a cent.