Shooter [adjective]

Definition of Shooter:

secondary; branch

Synonyms of Shooter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shooter:

Sentence/Example of Shooter:

At last, the shooter took the weapon from his shoulder and opened the action.

Give me the shooter, an' I'll guarantee to pay any price for it.

Their names mean "shooter of blow-pipe at coyote," "at opossum," and so forth.

"You're more of a sprinter than a shooter, if I'm any judge," said Locke.

When it comes to shooting, he is a shooter from Shooterville.

He war too free with 'em, and had got no use fer his own shooter.

He swung round when this rascal entered, and put his hand to his shooter.

One of the critters let his shooter loose, and in a second, flick!

It ain't often Steve ain't able to get about and lift his shooter.

Bill, ye'll take the kid, I'll follow close with my shooter.