Shooters [noun]

Definition of Shooters:

soldiers ordered to shoot

Synonyms of Shooters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shooters:


Sentence/Example of Shooters:

The quality of the birds and the skill of the shooters is specified.

His fourth, the nastiest of shooters, glided under the bat into the wicket.

They receive ten shillings a week, and the same perquisite as the "shooters."

And—let it be whispered to the shooters and the mighty hunters!

We could go, so long as we left only our shooters and knives.

Hugh was beside one of the shooters, and opened conference with him.

But we used our Winchesters and six shooters freely, and shot a heap.

At Arthur's Table, he was put from his earth by shooters who were netting the warren.

Some shooters, we know, sick of common sport, love slaughter.

No, don't touch it, if you're not accustomed to shooters, because it's loaded.