Shoplifter [noun]

Definition of Shoplifter:

person who steals

Opposite/Antonyms of Shoplifter:



Sentence/Example of Shoplifter:

Robert Bull'—he read the first name on the list—'Robert Bull, shoplifter.

How dexterous are the hands of the shoplifter, but to what a wretched course have they been trained!

In New York as soon as one did that she'd be nabbed on the way out for a shoplifter.

“Laponi does bear a slight resemblance to the shoplifter,” Rosanna admitted thoughtfully.

Two drunks come in with the first batch, and a couple of crooks who had been working the 'elevated'; and a woman, a shoplifter.

The detective, as a rule, should not make an arrest under any circumstances until after the shoplifter has left the store.

Guy Faux was to be treated with an indulgence which was not to be extended to a shoplifter.