Shopping [noun]

Definition of Shopping:


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Sentence/Example of Shopping:

Evelyn had been in the living-room when Grace and Elfreda returned from their shopping.

Shopping, however, seemed to be a small part of her business.

She had gone in to do some shopping, she explained, after Crane's greeting.

One afternoon I went out to do some shopping, and when I came back he was gone.

He was stopped from reminding her by Phoebe's saying that she'd leave for a bit of shopping.

You could see that when the women folk went out to do their morning shopping.

Mrs. Wilcox had been overtired by the shopping, and was inclined to hysteria.

Hephzibah, who had been shopping on her own hook, did not return until nearly seven.

If you have any last bits of shopping to do, now is your opportunity.

Yesterday she told me she must go up to London, shopping, pretty soon.