Shops [noun]

Definition of Shops:

place of retail business

Synonyms of Shops:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shops:


Sentence/Example of Shops:

In June the florist's shop is a poor place, sedulously to be shunned.

I saw her in Carlton's, that new confectioner's shop on Main Street.

It is Ana, the daughter of Manuel, who works in the smith's shop.

The shop was built of rough boards, and the inside was blackened with soot.

Macdonald, however, was not a man to be put down in his own shop and before his own admirers.

You see, we left the shop in such a hurry we never thought about powder and ball.

Angelique had understood immediately, for the shoemaker had his shop there.

I'm tired of the teaching, and I'd like well to go into the shop with you!

Why can't you settle down here in the shop with your Uncle William?

It was very late when he reached the door of the shop in Ballyards.