Shortcomings [noun]

Definition of Shortcomings:

weak point

Synonyms of Shortcomings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shortcomings:

Sentence/Example of Shortcomings:

Were they his rivals, he found the perfect word for their merits and shortcomings.

It is easy for persons with plenty of money to moralize on the shortcomings of others.

But somebody had to do the cooking, and whatever else his shortcomings, Beauty Smith could cook.

I would rather exaggerate than minimize my own shortcomings to you to-night.

Her comparisons made her burn with shame at her own shortcomings.

It was a hopeless sort of place, yet he could not detect its shortcomings.

Would any other woman put up with his ill-humors, his shortcomings?

If it had not been for some shortcomings in the provisions there would have been no drawback.

Everything about him was imitation, but it was imitation that only displayed its own shortcomings.

When I tried to answer these questions, I suddenly bethought me of my own shortcomings.