Shortcut [noun]

Definition of Shortcut:


Synonyms of Shortcut:

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Sentence/Example of Shortcut:

It is a shortcut indicating that the word should have two m's in succession.

However, I'm still hopeful of finding a shortcut through Laro.

A shortcut brought me—I could wish it had been shorter still.

"Well, I've got to be one of them," she said in her shortcut American way.

I don't want to walk up the hill, even if you do have a shortcut.

The jeep took a shortcut across the concrete fence, and left tire marks in the grass in front of the Fuels Department.

Nanglaktud ku padúng sa simbahan, I took a shortcut to church.

Nagsyurtkat mi sa baul, We took a shortcut through the field.

The drug has provided you, and therefore me, with a shortcut to a very interesting experience.

Betty Byrd held fast to Doris as they turned into the side wood road which was a shortcut to the old Dorchester highway.