Shortening [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shortening:

The odds are shortening because, by Jove, people have taken the horse.

And up she went and down she went, shortening and lengthening, swelling and decreasing.

Or was it indicative of a shortening of our religious privileges?

Hence the demand has arisen for a shortening of the college course.

With the vague notion of shortening sail, I let the sheet go from my hand.

Romance is a shortening and sharpening of the human difficulty.

But the real difficulty in the shortening of hours lies elsewhere.

But it's a stuffy label—no shortening it, you know, so the fellows all call me Joe.

No cessation occurred, however, in the task of shortening sail.

Shortening of less than half an inch is of no importance as a sign of fracture.