Shorthand [noun]

Definition of Shorthand:

printing on paper

Synonyms of Shorthand:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shorthand:


Sentence/Example of Shorthand:

Closely looked at, all novel-writing is a sort of shorthand.

He could read in my face that I was guilty, and he demanded my shorthand note-book.

But you don't suppose I took notes in shorthand of what we said to each other, do you?

Instead of going into logarithms, Henry went into shorthand.

The youth was serious, industrious, and trustworthy, and in shorthand incomparable.

You could have taken it all down in shorthand, and not a word to alter.

Some of the greatest men in this country were shorthand writers.

We can bring a shorthand reporter with us and get it down in black and white.

He says the touch system has ruined more reporters than shorthand.

It was a small black memo book, covered with pages of shorthand.