Shortly [adverb]

Definition of Shortly:

right away

Synonyms of Shortly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shortly:


Sentence/Example of Shortly:

"A man has to work here a few years to love it," said Uncle Peter, shortly.

Shortly the mistress of the house came in and ordered the supper.

"She'd better come home and stay home," said Harriet shortly.

"I will," said Yates shortly, striding to the horses' heads.

Shortly after, the captive Duke was one morning found weeping.

“Of course,” answered Winnie shortly, staring straight before her.

"There ain't anybody goin' to touch a finger to it but me," said Amanda, shortly.

"No, thank you," reiterated Kirkwood shortly, a little annoyed.

But of all these numerous occasions the most ignominious was shortly after the affair with the Grizzly.

"It wasn't anything," said Grant shortly, tugging at a boot.