Shortness [noun]

Definition of Shortness:

deficiency, need

Opposite/Antonyms of Shortness:

Sentence/Example of Shortness:

I am merely getting anxious about the shortness of the time.

He speedily understood the shortness and secrecy of her visit.

This is a common mistake; and too much water deprives the paste of its shortness.

But I must be off, lass; for I've the horses to get ready, forby the shortness of the time.

"Crossed the fields for shortness, and caught in a bramble-bush," he said, muttering.

That allusion to the shortness of the time brought Ruth an inspiration.

Papa went by the Mills, Miss Martin, for shortness, for he was on foot.

They were astonished at the shortness of the time of their imprisonment.

But what is there remarkable about my height and your shortness?

The dog figure is “low,” as shown by the shortness of the legs.