Shorts [noun]

Definition of Shorts:

core, gist

Synonyms of Shorts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shorts:

Sentence/Example of Shorts:

"You'd better give the pigs some shorts," said Amanda, abruptly.

He wore a fur cap, and shorts, and was of the velveteen race, velveteeny.

Free all the shorts in this way, unless you have some old rubber insulators.

I'll short Sven's electrics for him, if he makes fun of your shorts!

Neatles stuck into lamp cords had something to do with shorts.

Who could have expected to find them caught among the "shorts" in Mexican rubber?

A plenty of hay, a few potatoes or shorts, and pure water will suffice.

That which is dried is cut fine, and mixed with meal or shorts, and fed with profit.

Shorts, Spuddy and Swipes are in disgrace at the fraternity.

Shorts had a shaky grasp of one arm of Dillon, and Spuddy the other.