Shortstop [verb]

Definition of Shortstop:

head off; interrupt

Synonyms of Shortstop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shortstop:

Sentence/Example of Shortstop:

And that fellow with the pipe in his mouth is 'Dots' McCann, the shortstop.

The second batter hit to shortstop and reached first on a fumble.

Snorky stole in closer and closer until he was almost back of shortstop.

Denton followed with a hit to short that was too hot for the shortstop to handle.

Shortstop was covering second, and the infield was playing close.

Naturally I played baseball and as a shortstop most of the time.

The shortstop, a sure hitter in a pinch, strode to the plate.

"Yes, and their shortstop is as good as you can find them," added Spouter.

It must not be inferred that grand-stand playing is confined to the shortstop.

There on the bed lay the precious base-ball uniform in which he was wont to figure as shortstop.