Should [verb]

Definition of Should:

concede possibility

Synonyms of Should:

Opposite/Antonyms of Should:


Sentence/Example of Should:

They have a model of the man-as-he-should-be to which they mold him, in spite of himself and without his knowledge.

The type of the man-as-he-should-be varies by fashion, and this type exerts a great selection in the education of the young.

In mediæval society there were strongly defined ideals of the man-as-he-should-be.

Is the ideal of the man-as-he-should-be to be found, for us, in the "common man," or in the highest product of our culture?

But do you not see that though the King should-300- favour us, yet Amneris's rage would be beyond all bounds?

For over twenty years I had carried him in my mind, wondering whether, and when, I should-make use of him.

A phrase with were to may replace the should-phrase in the if-clause.

No ordinary woman should-348- start out before knowing how far she is going.

This made this should-be-magnificent dinner into a sort of circus.

It was therefore a matter of course that these should-be lovers would be sent out of the room together.