Shouldered [verb]

Definition of Shouldered:

be responsible for

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Sentence/Example of Shouldered:

In the Fall of 1808, he shouldered his pack and set out on foot for the West.

We gave Dick twenty, I took seventy-six, and Billy shouldered the rest.

The third man snorted as he shouldered a keg and moved toward the Wagon.

With these preparations, however, we shouldered our boxes, and in an hour we were in the suburbs.

So he shouldered the sack that was hanging on the peg, and went off home.

And they shouldered their swags and made for the river once more.

Clusters small to medium, shouldered, loose or moderately compact.

He began to pace wildly to and fro, he shouldered his spade, he gesticulated with his other arm.

He shouldered the dog away, and dug his hands into the sand-pile to stop the bleeding.

He shouldered his trunk and climbed unromantically up the ladder.