Shouldering [verb]

Definition of Shouldering:

be responsible for

Synonyms of Shouldering:

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Sentence/Example of Shouldering:

"Don't be trying to knock me down with your tex'es," said Thomas, shouldering his besom.

Then, shouldering their rifles, the two men began the ascent.

He made a show of shouldering the ladder disgustedly, but dropped it again.

I told Bob how I felt, and he ridiculed the idea of my shouldering any portion of the blame.

This shouldering and pushing was his last effort to hold to his wife and family.

He invariably carried his hat as though it were a rifle he were shouldering.

Shouldering their rifles and knapsacks, they started on their way.

As he was shouldering the first of these, Agnes stopped him.

Then Alexis lifted the bundle, and shouldering the guns they left the shop.

Shouldering my rifle, I struck for the western side of the clearing.