Shovel [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shovel:

So he set to work with pick and shovel all the rest of that day.

It was Brother Paul coming up with a spade to shovel away the snow.

How delicious is flattery, even when thrown down one's throat with a shovel!

In a trembling voice she asked me if I would please find a shovel.

I did not offer to go and fetch up my shovel, which was left down below.

They went to work on it with pick and shovel, then with drill and blasting-powder.

But he noticed that the guide had a coil of rope, and that Urquhart carried a shovel.

One might work with a pick and shovel for a week and never tunnel them.

The occupants had to shovel constantly to keep from being suffocated.

So to it they went with right good will, With spade and shovel and pike and bill;p.