Showcase [noun]

Definition of Showcase:


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Sentence/Example of Showcase:

That's how I got rid of all that stale candy you had in the boxes behind the showcase.

Then he helped himself to a cigar from the showcase, and told his friend to "chalk it up."

"Seems as if I remember your sayin' a few things about that showcase," he remarked.

He tossed four silver dollars on the showcase and took the tickets.

Even the sight of the candy in the showcase had not lifted his spirits.

Often now when he came he would chat for a while across the showcase.

The jewel room at the Tower of London was invaded and a showcase broken.

They did not see her wink at her fat mother behind the showcase.

Tom looked about on the showcase, and glanced down on the floor.

"Gimme five tickets," said the cop, throwing a five-dollar bill on the showcase.