Showdown [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Showdown:

"They'd better have given the plan a showdown," interrupted Steve grimly.

If it comes to a showdown, we're goin' to tell what we know.

Say, Tex, honest Injun, would you 'a' fired off that dynamite if it had come to a showdown?

Hope if it ever comes to a showdown the secretary of the bureau of commerce will agree with me.

He shucked his windbreaker because it would be more encumbrance than help in the showdown.

I 've had my eye on Steve Barclay an' you, and I 'm ready for a showdown.

If it comes to a showdown I rather think he'll play with us.

Just until we get organized and then will come the time when we'll call for the showdown.

Were going to have a showdown with Nels Anderson, said Joe grimly.

Now that showdown was at hand, and the Giants were glad of it.