Showers [noun]

Definition of Showers:


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Sentence/Example of Showers:

I was too far to hear him, but the people broke out with a shower of sticks and stones.

So far above the shower had been his head, that not a hair of it was moistened by the rain-drops!

I left my winders open, and I think there's a shower comin' up.

A shower of red-hot stones warned him that he was near the volcano.

Once more may the rustling of the shower refresh our longing ears!

No shower, no shave, no quiet dinner, no walk; all that would have to come later.

She told me not to give them a shower bath as that would 'cook' the leaves.

I keep the soil moist and shower the leaves when I think they need it.

They stood very still, unmoving, unspeaking while the shower fell.

Under this shower of eulogies, Rougon humbly bowed his head.