Showery [adjective]

Definition of Showery:

damp, moist

Synonyms of Showery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Showery:

Sentence/Example of Showery:

This was April in the Spring of 2348 and April was always a month of showery heavens.

The afternoon was showery, and hopes were entertained of a change of wind.

Paul was in evening dress, and as the night was showery, wore a loose Burberry.

The end of a rainbow, as seen in the morning in showery weather.

Showery and doubtful days were devoted to the city and shopping.

As it was showery weather, I went to take shelter for a few minutes.

The night had been warm and showery, and the morning opened in an undecided way.

Take care, however, that they are removed in damp or showery weather.

The evening was showery, and indoor games were the order of it.

It was a fine day, showery, but with sunshine and fine clouds.