Showiness [noun]

Definition of Showiness:

exhibitionism, flashiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Showiness:

Sentence/Example of Showiness:

Lila was shocked and awed by her friend's showiness and indifference.

"Showiness" is common in every trumpery village in the land.

Showiness such as that of the big, black-haired, blue-eyed Irishman is enough to "put out" the light of any one else!

In point of showiness of stores and bustle, the streets of Philadelphia are far behind New York.

Gaud′iness, showiness; Gaud′y, an English university feast or festival.

The simplicity of his phrases, his entire absence of showiness or bombast, made his influence indescribably deep and powerful.

Now she seemed determined to rival him in showiness, to be the partner of his alleged vulgarity.

Although some other species surpass this in showiness, it is one of the most distinct.

Poverty and showiness, supreme beauty and grotesque ugliness, jostle each other at close quarters.

As at the South, in the services of Mrs. Marsh here, there was a great disproportion between their showiness and their usefulness.