Shredded [verb]

Definition of Shredded:

cut into ribbons

Synonyms of Shredded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shredded:



Sentence/Example of Shredded:

Viviette shredded an apple blossom that had fallen into her lap.

At Subiaco the streets were strewn, as for a procession, with shredded petals of violets.

As far as the eye could see I beheld only flattened and shredded ruin.

When the white meat is dried, it is shredded for pastry and candy.

The leaves may be made into fans, or shredded and woven into mats.

Cook a tablespoonful of rice in this broth and shredded mutton.

Instead, it is shredded, dried, and the pith separated from the fiber.

In another moment the light wind had shredded the smoke away.

As the last, but employing shredded tow or plumbago for horse-dung.

His clothing was torn, shredded by the brush and thorns through which he had crawled.