Shredding [verb]

Definition of Shredding:

cut into ribbons

Synonyms of Shredding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shredding:



Sentence/Example of Shredding:

The itching is relieved by an action similar to that of shredding a coconut.

It may be detected by the finer character (due to shredding) of the grass.

The second, the kitchen-maid, is shredding macaroni for to-morrow noon.

The darkness was shredding away so fast that John got a clear view.

Shredding this, he found imbedded in the center the bullet which had perforated the body.

He would, however, probably have done so, had his attention not been fixed upon the tobacco he was shredding.

The rugs were worn, worn to the shredding point, worn until the spurious Oriental design seemed an eerie Dali drawing.

Prepare the pineapples by peeling them, removing the eyes, and then shredding or cutting into very small pieces.

The faint spectral trees, dimly glimpsed through the shredding fog, were very pretty things to see.

Providentially there was a shredding of the fog at Hell Gate, a shore-breeze flicking the mists off the surface of the water.