Shreds [noun]

Definition of Shreds:

tiny piece

Synonyms of Shreds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shreds:



Sentence/Example of Shreds:

You may substitute for the ham, cold smoked tongue, shred or grated.

Grate three quarters of a pound of bread; mix it with the same quantity of shred suet, the same of apples, and also of currants.

Shred half a pound of suet very fine, grate into it half a pound of French roll, a little nutmeg, and the rind of a lemon.

He never knew what importance they laid on every shred of evidence about Jeff.

He wished only to escape, and his wish took every shred of the hero out of him.

Ay, or by what they call spontaneous combustion, that does n't leave a shred of you?

Lady George certainly did not paint, and had not a shred of false hair about her.

That had been the one shred of apology which he had vouchsafed for the act which had spoiled their lives.

We are as innocent as children, yet do you think I have a shred of reputation left?

"If you have a shred of pity or of love for me, give it and go," gasped the boy.